Planned Outcomes:

  • Review the international evidence on best approaches to identify and, if necessary, reduce administrative burden in a “living review document”.
  • Identify policies in Ireland’s National Climate Action Plan in which administrative burdens are most prevalent and unnecessary using qualitative semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders.
  • Develop a set of recommendations about which administrative burdens could be reduced as identified in a citizen-led “Adminathon” (which is similar to a “hackathon” but where participants work to reduce administrative burdens rather than collaborating on a software project).
  • Identify segments in the population that suffer the most from the administrative burdens identified in the qualitative interviews using a nationally representative online survey.
  • Experimentally test the effects of modifications of administrative processes (as identified in the Adminathon) on behaviour.
  • Collate and systematise the insights gained to design a framework in the form of a policy scorecard to build an inventory of administrative burdens.