Assessing Administrative Burdens as Barriers to Implementation of Ireland’s Climate Action Plan (ABICAP)

The ABICAP project aims to identify and reduce administrative burdens that prevent the implementation of actions described in the newest Irish Climate Action Plan.


The Government of Ireland is currently at the early stages of implementation of the National Climate Action Plan. The ABICAP project aims to support the implementation of the measures outlined in the Climate Action Plan by identifying whether administrative burdens create unnecessary frictions in the system and are thus reasons for the gap between climate aspirations and climate actions.

While administrative requirements are often essential for program integrity, avoidance of environmental harm, accountability, and transparency, ABICAP focuses on instances where administrative burdens are unnecessarily high, where they are unjustly distributed, and on the reduction of unnecessary administrative burdens.

Primary Research Questions:

  1. What are the unnecessary administrative burdens that impede the implementation of the policies described in Ireland’s 2021 Climate Action Plan?
  2. Who suffers more than others from these administrative burdens?
  3. How can these administrative burdens be reduced?