We are delighted to welcome four new members of the research team. We will shortly advertise some more posts.

Welcome to Till Weber who joins us, having just submitted his PhD at Nottingham. Till will work with us for at least the next two years, including lecturing on the new MSc. His webpage is below and he will present an overview of his experimental research at a later session.  https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/economics/people/till.weber

Welcome also to Leonhard Lades who joins EnvEcon and Geary for two years from the University of Stirling. Leo will also give some lectures on the MSc. He has published a number of papers on intertemporal choice, consumption, ethical aspects of nudging, and a variety of other topics. https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=3SQTAFQAAAAJ&hl=en

While he has been here a while on another project, I am also glad to formally welcome Michael Daly, also from Stirling, who starts his 2 year Marie Skłodowska Curie fellowship here in the next couple of weeks. Michael is Associate Professor at Stirling and has published extensively in economic psychology, health psychology, behavioural change and cognate areas. https://www.michaeldalyresearch.com/

Tadgh Hegarty has also started with us, and will conduct a PhD at the intersection of behavioural economics and machine learning, examining the nature and extent of behavioural biases in gambling decisions.