The Behavioural Science and Policy Events bring together researchers, students, and others from Ireland and beyond to talk to each other about using behavioural insights to improve policy making.

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Behavioural Science and Policy Spring Events 2021

Wednesday, January 2014:00 - 15:00BSP Seminar with Dr Jet Sanders (LSE) and Liam Delaney (LSE) on "Media representation of behavioural science in the UK during the pandemic"
Friday, January 2915:00 - 16:00Economics Seminar with Dr Christina Rott (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Wednesday, February 0314:00 - 15:00BSP Seminar with Dr Kate Laffan (UCD) on "The greenest of green: Do Irish consumers prefer homegrown renewable electricity?" (co-organised with UCD Environmental Policy)
Wednesday, February 1014:00 - 15:00BSP Seminar with Dr Taha Yasseri (UCD)
Friday, February 1915:00 - 16:00Economics Seminar with Dr Siri Isaksson (Norwegian School of Economics)
Wednesday, February 2414:00 - 15:00BSP Seminar with Dr Pete Lunn (ESRI) on "Vaccines and Behaviour: Studies of our best Covid-19 defences"
Wednesday, March 0314:00 - 17:00BSP Workshop on "The role of mental health in public policy design"
Wednesday, March 2414:00 - 15:00BSP Seminar with Dr Ganga Shreedhar (LSE) (co-organised with UCD Environmental Policy)
Friday, March 2615:00 - 16:00Economics Seminar with Prof. Markus Reisinger (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management)
Wednesday, March 3114:00 - 15:00BSP Seminar with Dr Christian Krekel (LSE) on "Volunteering Improves Wellbeing: Evidence from a Nationwide Micro-Volunteering Programme"
Wednesday, April 0714:00 - 15:00BSP Seminar with Dr Till Stowasser (Stirling) on "Charmers vs Rounders: Rent price discontinuities in the German housing market"
Wednesday, April 1414:00 - 15:00BSP Seminar with Prof. Tobias Börger (HWR Berlin) on "The value of blue-space recreation and perceived water quality across Europe: A contingent behaviour study" (co-organised with UCD Environmental Policy)
Wednesday, April 2114:00 - 15:00BSP Seminar with Ivan Petrov (UCD) on "Paying More for Less in Energy Efficient Rental Properties" (co-organised with UCD Environmental Policy)
Friday, April 2316:00 - 17:00Economics Seminar with Dr Luba Petersen (Simon Fraser University)