We are happy to host the Workshop on Online Social Influence that will take place in Dublin, Ireland, on 16 June 2022 (Thursday). This workshop is organized by the UCD Behavioural Science and Policy Group and the Stirling Behavioural Science Centre. We are thankful for funding from the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers from the behavioural sciences (economics, psychology, and cognate disciplines) to discuss new research and developments related to online social influence on beliefs, attitudes, and behaviour. This can include research on social norms, social conformity, social preferences, etc. in an online setting (including but not limited to social media and online experiments).

Keynote speaker:
We are pleased to announce that Prof Chris Roth (University of Cologne) will be our keynote speaker.


Tentative Program (June 16, 2022)

09:00-9:15   Coffee

09:15-9:20   Welcome: Kevin Denny, Head of School, UCD School of Economics

Session 1: Norms and social influence

09:20-10:00   Andris Saulītis (University of Latvia) Trust and share: The social influence of information on Covid-19 vaccines

10:00-10:40   Eric Spurlino (New York University) Out of sight or out of mind? An experimental study on charitable giving, empathy, and social pressure

10:40-11:20   Biljana Meiske (Max Planck Insitute for Tax Law and Public Finance) Queen bee immigrant: The effects of status perceptions on immigration attitudes

11:20-11:40   Coffee

Session 2: Social media

11:40-12:10   Egon Tripodi (University of Essex) Social recognition: Experimental evidence from blood donors (virtual)

12:10-12:40   Valerio Capraro (Middlesex University London) “I think this news is accurate”: Endorsing accuracy decreases the sharing of fake news and increases the sharing of real news

12:40-13:10   Andrea Fazio (University of Pavia) Social media charity campaigns and pro-social behavior. Evidence from the Ice Bucket Challenge

13:10 – 14:10 Lunch

Session 3: Censorship and dissent

14:10-14:40   Gabriela Juncosa (Central European University) Spiral of silence in online political deliberation: YouTube during the 2020 US presidential elections

14:40-15:10   Juan S. Morales (Wilfrid Laurier University) State control of online political dissent: Evidence from Turkey

15:10-15:45   Margaret Samahita (University College Dublin) Does online backlash stifle free speech?

15:45-16:00   Coffee


16:00-17:00   Christopher Roth (University of Cologne) Justifying dissent

Break / Walk to Farmer Browns

18:00  Dinner at Farmer Browns

Please contact osi.workshop.2022@gmail.com if you have any question.

While the event will be in-person, we will do our best to facilitate the academic community to join virtually. You can register as an online participant here https://ucd-ie.zoom.us/meeting/register/u5Eldu-rqjkvEtRgPLnDTOYzkpxEFcVynmNX .

The organizing committee:
Leonhard Lades (University College Dublin)
Simon McCabe (University of Stirling)
Margaret Samahita (University College Dublin)