There is an opportunity for paid research experience assisting the development of the behavioural science and policy research group at UCD working with Professor Liam Delaney. Tasks include those below. Please note these are temporary positions and we also will advertise longer term positions as they arise. The typical duration will be one day per week for up to 12 weeks, with pay varying from 11 euro to 14 euro per hour depending on experience. Please send your CV to The posts would be particularly suited to economics and psychology graduates with a high degree of research aptitude and interest.

a) Assisting with events and social media relating to the research activities of the group, including minuting the weekly meetings.

b) Assisting in the background research on a book on the history of economics and psychology

c) Assisting in the development of a measurement methodology for examining decisions in everyday contexts.

d) Assisting in the background research for the development of an ethics framework for behavioural public policy.

e) Assisting on projects in the areas of health, environment, and education.

f) Assisting on the development of research funding proposals in the area of behavioural public policy