Professor Andrew Oswald will speak at UCD Geary Institute on June 5th from 1230pm to 2pm. All are welcome but registration is required. Lunch will be provided in advance.

The Midlife Crisis in Humans and Other Animals

Andrew Oswald, Professor of Economics and Behavioural Science


“The talk will discuss the concept of the midlife crisis. It will examine international evidence on happiness, mental health, suicide, antidepressant consumption, sleep, and so on. Not all the data will be on human beings. The talk will say something about where we are scientifically, and what we need to understand next. Plenty of time will be left for open discussion.”

Speaker Bio:

Andrew Oswald is a Professor of Economics and Behavioural Science at the University of Warwick. His research is principally in applied economics and quantitative social science. It currently includes the empirical study of job satisfaction, human happiness, unemployment, labour productivity, and the influence of diet on psychological well-being. He serves on the board of editors of Science. Previously at Oxford and the London School of Economics, with spells as Lecturer, Princeton University (1983-4); De Walt Ankeny Professor of Economics, Dartmouth College (1989-91); Jacob Wertheim Fellow, Harvard University (2005); Visiting Fellow, Cornell University (2008); Research Director, IZA Bonn (2011-12); Visiting Fellow, University of Zurich (2016); Visiting Fellow, Yale University (2016). He is an ISI Highly-Cited Researcher.