Richard Thaler


Congratulations to Professor Richard Thaler who was announced as the winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics yesterday. Linked here is a piece I wrote for the Sunday Business Post on his contribution to Economics (pre-edited text and some more links below). Richard Thaler, 2017 Nobel Laureate in Economics  Richard Thaler was recently named as the 2017 Nobel laureate in Economics. Thaler is responsible for a shift in mainstream economics towards more psychological realism in modelling consumer and investor behaviour. He has spent the bulk of his career at the University of Chicago and is seen as the leading figure in the [...]

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2017 PhD Conference in Behavioural Science 


  2017 PhD Conference in Behavioural Science      Thursday, the 30th of November 2017     UCD Geary Institute for Public Policy, Dublin   The UCD Geary Institute for Public Policy is pleased to announce our PhD Student Conference in Behavioural Science for 2017 in collaboration with the Stirling University Management School. This continues two successful annual events held at Stirling. For information about last year's PhD conference click here. The PhD conference will be held at University College Dublin on November 30th and will be followed by the 10th annual Irish economics and psychology conference on December 1st. Attendees to [...]

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Professor Till Grüne-Yanoff


Professor Till Grüne-Yanoff will deliver a public lecture to the Irish Behavioural Science and Policy Network on Wednesday 18th October at 6pm. There will be a wide-ranging Q+A session following the talk which will conclude at 7.30pm. The venue is the Royal Irish Academy. He will speak on behavioural economics and public policy, in particular on the role of policy in "boosting" ability to make good decisions under a variety of circumstances. The webpage to register for the event is available here. Nudging and Boosting: Steering or Empowering Good Decisions Ralph Hertwig and Till Grüne-Yanoff Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin [...]

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Professor Glenn Harrison


Professor Glenn Harrison comes to Dublin on October 13th and will give a public lecture on Behavioral Welfare Economics. Professor Harrison is one of the leading researchers in econometrics and experimental economics. I can also say from experience that he is an engaging speaker with a wide range of intellectual interests. He has agreed to give a talk that will be accessible to a broad audience interested in behavioural economics. His bio is below and website is here. The talk will take place from 1230pm to 2pm at the Institute of Banking Building near the IFSC. There is no charge for registering but [...]

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New Research Group Members


We are delighted to welcome four new members of the research team. We will shortly advertise some more posts. Welcome to Till Weber who joins us, having just submitted his PhD at Nottingham. Till will work with us for at least the next two years, including lecturing on the new MSc. His webpage is below and he will present an overview of his experimental research at a later session. Welcome also to Leonhard Lades who joins EnvEcon and Geary for two years from the University of Stirling. Leo will also give some lectures on the MSc. He has published a number [...]

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Stirling Workshop on Self-Control and Public Policy


Please click here to register. Registration is free but spaces are limited so please register in advance. Stirling Workshop on Self-Control and Public Policy (Friday, September 15th) Self-control is the human capacity that enables people to control short-term impulses and desires in order to achieve long-term goals. This workshop brings together different perspectives in order to outline the implications of self-control for a range of policy issues spanning the areas of health, education, labour, and welfare policy. The speakers combine theoretical and methodological approaches from economics and psychology in novel ways to generate new approaches to policy problems, move forward in affecting change [...]

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Paid Research Experience Posts


There is an opportunity for paid research experience assisting the development of the behavioural science and policy research group at UCD working with Professor Liam Delaney. Tasks include those below. Please note these are temporary positions and we also will advertise longer term positions as they arise. The typical duration will be one day per week for up to 12 weeks, with pay varying from 11 euro to 14 euro per hour depending on experience. Please send your CV to The posts would be particularly suited to economics and psychology graduates with a high degree of research aptitude and interest. [...]

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Professor Liam Delaney


The School of Economics and College of Social Sciences and Law are pleased to announce that Professor Liam Delaney, currently at the University of Stirling, will be joining us as AIB Professor of Behavioural Economics in January.  This new post, funded by Allied Irish Banks, will promote the teaching of behavioural economics at UCD and contribute to a new research programme in this area.  Liam’s research spans a wide range of interdisciplinary topics including the relationship between mental health and economic outcomes, how people make decisions over different time horizons, and the life-course determinants of decision making. We look forward to welcoming Liam [...]

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