The full paper ‘Nudge FORGOOD’ was published in January 2020 in Behavioural Public Policy. It is currently available for free in First View and the link is here.


Our teaching slides are available to download here. The slides contain the motivation to create the FORGOOD framework, a discussion of FORGOOD and applications of FORGOOD to case studies. We encourage the use of these slides to educate policymakers, practitioners and students to think about the ethical aspects of behavioural public policy. We welcome any feedback and suggestions you may have.


Handout of the FORGOOD framework, with seven key ethical dimensions and questions that policy-makers can ask themselves to identify potential ethical problems in their policy design.


Conference poster of the FORGOOD framework.


Use this worksheet to consider the ethical aspects of a behavioural policy. Choose a policy and think about the seven dimensions of the FORGOOD framework. Refer to the handout here and answer the questions listed under each of the dimensions.