Autumn Events 2020 (September to December)

Wednesday, September 2314:00 - 16:00Behavioural Science Workshop on Sludge (link)
Friday, October 0215:00 - 16:00Behavioral/Experimental Economics seminar organised by UCD Economics: Johannes Wohlfahrt (University of Copenhagen) on "Beliefs about the stock market and investment choices: Evidence from a field experiment"
Wednesday, October 0714:00 - 15:00Presentation by Brian Monroe (UCD) on "What We Learn from Trust Games"
Wednesday, October 1414:00 - 16:00Behavioural Science Workshop on Behavioural Energy Economics (link)
Friday, October 2315:00 - 16:00Behavioral/Experimental Economics seminar organised by UCD Economics
Wednesday, October 2814:00 - 15:00Presentation by Deirdre Robertson (ESRI)
Wednesday, November 0414:00 - 16:00Behavioural Science Workshop on Economics of Self-Control
Wednesday, November 1114:00 - 15:00Presentation by Margaret Samahita (UCD)
Wednesday, November 1814:00 - 15:00TBC
Thursday, November 2610:00 - 11:30Behavioral/Experimental Economics seminar organised by UCD Economics
Emil Temnyalov, University of Technology Sydney
Wednesday, December 0214:00 - 15:00Presentation by Stefan Muller (UCD)
Wednesday, December 0914:00 - 15:00Presentation by Vessela Daskalova (UCD)
Thursday, December 1013:00 - 17:002020 PhD Conference in Behavioural Science and Policy
Friday, December 1113:00 - 17:0013th Annual Economics and Psychology Conference

Autumn Events 2019 (September to December)

September 1-4All dayIAREP/SABE 2019 Conference
September 1312:00 - 15:30Behavioural Science and Policy Group Annual Workshop. Keynote Speaker: Professor Don Moynihan (Georgetown)
September 2514:00Behavioural Science and Policy Seminar. Dr Margaret Samahita (UCD) ”Commitment Demand and Self-Control”
October 214:00Behavioural Science and Policy Seminar: Dr. Deirdre O'Shea (UL). "Psychology of Work and Well-Being".
October 914:00Behavioural Science and Policy Seminar
October 1614:00Behavioural Science and Policy Seminar: Dr. Mark Egan (BIT). "Behavioural Science and Policy at Behavioural Insights Team".
October 2314:00Behavioural Science and Policy Seminar: Prof James Davey (Southampton). "Behavioural Economics and Insurance."
October 3014:00Behavioural Science and Policy Seminar: Dr. Michael Daly (NUIM).
November 614:00Behavioural Science and Policy Seminar: Dr. Hannah Julienne (ESRI). "Motivated searching for information".
November 1314:00Behavioural Science and Policy Seminar
November 20 14:00Behavioural Science and Policy Seminar: Dr. Kate Laffan (UCD/LSE): "Can deshrouding the wellbeing benefits of pro-social behaviour encourage more of it?"
November 2714:00Behavioural Science and Policy Seminar: Dr. Martina Barjakova (ESRI) "Personalised Pricing".
November 299:00 - 16:0012th Annual Irish Conference in Behavioural Economics, Psychology, and Policy

Spring Events 2019 (January to June)

January 23rd1pmFood Safety Authority "Behavioural Science and Food Safety"
January 30th1pmMichael King (TCD) “Behavioural Economics and Mortgage Regulation”.
February 6th12pm-2pmLunchtime Session on Behavioural Economics and Plastic Consumption.
February 20th 1pmDavid Leiser (Ben-Gurion University) "Why we misunderstand economics and why it matters”
February 27th1pmCameron Belton (ESRI) “Results from ESRI Pricelab”.
March 27th 1pmCiaran Lavin (ESRI) "Results from ESRI Pricelab"

Autumn Events 2018 (June to December)

September 7th12pm-3pmGeary Institute Behavioural Science and Public Policy Annual Research Workshop. Keynote: Professor Wilhelm HofmannEventbrite
September 26th2pmMichael Daly (UCD and Stirling) "Self-Control and Health: Public Policy Implications"
October 3rd2pmKarl Purcell (SEAI): "Applying Behavioural Economics to Encourage Sustainable Energy Behaviours”
October 10th2pmShane Timmons (ESRI): "Behavioural Economics and Policy"
October 17th2pmÁine Regan (Teagasc): "Behavioural Science to support the Agri-Food Sector."
October 24th2pmClare Delargy (Behavioural Insights Team): "Using Behavioural Insights to Increase Social Capital"
October 31stFree Week
November 8th2pmBehavioural Seminar: Doris Laepple (NUIG): Behavioural Experiments in Agricultural Economics
November 14thFree Week
November 16th12pm-3pmWorkshop on Behavioural Science, Environment, and Well-being Contact
November 21st2pmLaura Smart (FCA) "Behavioural Economics and Financial Regulation"Eventbrite
November 29th9am-5pmAnnual European Behavioural Science PhD ConferenceEventbrite
November 30th9am-5pm11th Annual Economics and Psychology Conference Conference in Dublin jointly organised by researchers in ESRI and UCD. Keynote: Professor Wändi Bruine de BruinEventbrite
December 3rd12.30pm - 2pmProfessor Nicola Lacetera "Paying for Kidneys? A Randomized Survey and Choice Experiment"Eventbrite

Spring Events 2018 (January to June)

January 24th Anamaria Vrabie (The New School): “Behavioural Economics and Urban Design”.
January 31stCliona Kelly (UCD) “Behavioural Law and Economics”.
February 7thDerville Rowland, Director General, Financial Conduct at the Central Bank.
February 14thAisling Ní Chonaire: Lead Research Advisor, Behavioural Insights Team.
February 21stFaisal Naru (OECD): “Behavioural Economics and Public Policy”.
February 28thDoris Laepple (NUIG): “Behavioural Experiments in Agricultural Economics”.
March 7thCal Muckley (UCD): “National culture and banking operational risk”.
April 4thBen Elsner (UCD/IZA): “Rank and Peer Effects in Education”.
April 11thPaul Adams: “Behavioural Economics at the Financial Conduct Authority”.
April 18thDeirdre Robertson (ESRI): “Behavioural Economics and Regulation”.
June 5thAndrew Oswald (University of Warwick): “The mid-life crisis in Humans and other animals”.

Events 2017

September 8thLaunch of UCD Geary Institute Behavioural Science and Policy Group. Keynote Professor Peter John.
September 15thUCD/Stirling Workshop on Self-Control and Public Policy
September 27thSimon Rafferty (EPA) “Behavioural Economics and Environmental Policy” and Patricia Harris (HSA): “Reducing Work Accidents in Ireland”
October 4th Clare Delargy (BIT): “Behavioural Insights Team and Public Policy”.
October 11thAine Lyng and Ronan Murphy (NCCP): “Cancer Prevention”
October 13thProfessor Glenn Harrisson: “Behavioural Welfare Economics”.
October 18thCathal Fitzgerald (DETI): “Brexit and Firm Decision Making; Behavioural Economics of Innovation”.
October 18th Professor Till Grune-Yanoff: “Nudging and Boosting: Steering or Empowering Good Decisions”
October 25thTill Weber (Nottingham): “Experimental Methods and Behavioural Economics”.
November 1stLeonhard Lades (UCD and EnvEcon): “Naturalistic Monitoring of Human Preferences and Behaviour”.
November 8thMichael Daly (UCD and Stirling): “Self-control and Health”.
November 10thProfessor Cass Sunstein (Harvard)
November 15thOrla Doyle (UCD): “Behavioural Economics and Early Childhood Intervention”.
November 22ndKenneth Devine (Central Bank of Ireland): “Behavioural Economics and Financial Decision Making”.
November 29thKeith Walsh (Revenue): “Behavioural Economics and Tax Administration”.
November 30thAnnual PhD Conference in Behavioural Science
December 1st10th Annual Conference on Economics and Psychology