Autumn Events 2018 (June to December)

September 7th12pm-3pmGeary Institute Behavioural Science and Public Policy Annual Research Workshop. Keynote: Professor Wilhelm HofmannEventbrite
September 26th2pmMichael Daly (UCD and Stirling) "Self-Control and Health: Public Policy Implications"
October 3rd2pmKarl Purcell (SEAI): "Applying Behavioural Economics to Encourage Sustainable Energy Behaviours”
October 10th2pmShane Timmons (ESRI): "Behavioural Economics and Policy"
October 17th2pmÁine Regan (Teagasc): "Behavioural Science to support the Agri-Food Sector."
October 24th2pmClare Delargy (Behavioural Insights Team): "Using Behavioural Insights to Increase Social Capital"
October 31stFree Week
November 8th2pmBehavioural Seminar: Doris Laepple (NUIG): Behavioural Experiments in Agricultural Economics
November 14thFree Week
November 16th12pm-3pmWorkshop on Behavioural Science, Environment, and Well-being Contact
November 21st2pmLaura Smart (FCA) "Behavioural Economics and Financial Regulation"Eventbrite
November 29th9am-5pmAnnual European Behavioural Science PhD ConferenceEventbrite
November 30th9am-5pm11th Annual Economics and Psychology Conference Conference in Dublin jointly organised by researchers in ESRI and UCD. Keynote: Professor Wändi Bruine de BruinEventbrite
December 3rd12.30pm - 2pmProfessor Nicola Lacetera "Paying for Kidneys? A Randomized Survey and Choice Experiment"Eventbrite

Spring Events 2018 (January to June)

January 24th Anamaria Vrabie (The New School): “Behavioural Economics and Urban Design”.
January 31stCliona Kelly (UCD) “Behavioural Law and Economics”.
February 7thDerville Rowland, Director General, Financial Conduct at the Central Bank.
February 14thAisling Ní Chonaire: Lead Research Advisor, Behavioural Insights Team.
February 21stFaisal Naru (OECD): “Behavioural Economics and Public Policy”.
February 28thDoris Laepple (NUIG): “Behavioural Experiments in Agricultural Economics”.
March 7thCal Muckley (UCD): “National culture and banking operational risk”.
April 4thBen Elsner (UCD/IZA): “Rank and Peer Effects in Education”.
April 11thPaul Adams: “Behavioural Economics at the Financial Conduct Authority”.
April 18thDeirdre Robertson (ESRI): “Behavioural Economics and Regulation”.
June 5thAndrew Oswald (University of Warwick): “The mid-life crisis in Humans and other animals”.

Events 2017

September 8thLaunch of UCD Geary Institute Behavioural Science and Policy Group. Keynote Professor Peter John.
September 15thUCD/Stirling Workshop on Self-Control and Public Policy
September 27thSimon Rafferty (EPA) “Behavioural Economics and Environmental Policy” and Patricia Harris (HSA): “Reducing Work Accidents in Ireland”
October 4th Clare Delargy (BIT): “Behavioural Insights Team and Public Policy”.
October 11thAine Lyng and Ronan Murphy (NCCP): “Cancer Prevention”
October 13thProfessor Glenn Harrisson: “Behavioural Welfare Economics”.
October 18thCathal Fitzgerald (DETI): “Brexit and Firm Decision Making; Behavioural Economics of Innovation”.
October 18th Professor Till Grune-Yanoff: “Nudging and Boosting: Steering or Empowering Good Decisions”
October 25thTill Weber (Nottingham): “Experimental Methods and Behavioural Economics”.
November 1stLeonhard Lades (UCD and EnvEcon): “Naturalistic Monitoring of Human Preferences and Behaviour”.
November 8thMichael Daly (UCD and Stirling): “Self-control and Health”.
November 10thProfessor Cass Sunstein (Harvard)
November 15thOrla Doyle (UCD): “Behavioural Economics and Early Childhood Intervention”.
November 22ndKenneth Devine (Central Bank of Ireland): “Behavioural Economics and Financial Decision Making”.
November 29thKeith Walsh (Revenue): “Behavioural Economics and Tax Administration”.
November 30thAnnual PhD Conference in Behavioural Science
December 1st10th Annual Conference on Economics and Psychology